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Improved static analyzer has been released

There are different static code analyzers. But today we are going to talk about PVS-Studio and its updates.

PVS-Studio 7.26 has been released. Now you can run the analysis in plugins for VS Code and Qt Creator; upload the analysis results to DefectDojo, and more.

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  • Now the PVS-Studio plugins for Visual Studio Code and Qt Creator support the analysis of C and C++ projects.

  • Now PVS-Studio has integration with DefectDojo, the DevSecOps platform that helps teams manage the entire security workflow.

  • The Java analyzer now supports projects that use JDK 20 and Java 20. It also maintains backward compatibility with all previous versions.

  • Function annotations give PVS-Studio more data for analysis.

And that's not all. I advise you to read about all the updates here

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