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Discussion on: Sneaky painful frontend burnout

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Annie Taylor Chen

it feels like the only thing I do is try to keep the TypeScript compiler happy.

I can totally relate to this.... Sometimes to make TS compile I feel I devote 50% time for it... it would work with just JS.I had a feeling it's invented by backend people who have to do their own frontend and hate JS, haha.

But unless the top ones in the industries make some significant change, there is very little juniors can do.... they need a job. And almost any frontend job today requires you to know at least one of the major frameworks like React, Angular or Vue. Some team wants the new hire to adopt exactly what the team uses, including specific CSS processor.

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Ilia Mikhailov Author • Edited on

I had a feeling it's invented by backend people

Your feeling is right. Microsoft initially created TS for the C# programmers. It's actually the same person who created both languages.