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Quick Portfolio with GitHub Readme

For creating a quick Portfolio i fount how to create a github profile readme. I had some fun browsing through other peoples profiles, so i decided to create my own one:

It's quite easy to start:

  1. create a new Repro & name it your Github/Username/
  2. then style your Username/ as you Profile.

-> See the Monicas Post for more detailed instructions.

To create your own Readme-Profile, there are things around helping with the design:

*Shortcut: Use A Profile Generator - the easiest way. I used some code out of it.

*CheatSheet Markdown for basic styling

*Create Github Stats. You can change a lot in there, e.g. the colors or the whole style.

*Create Bagdes from GMail to Paypal or GitHub-related Badges like nr. of visitors.

*Creating Shields for e.g. code coverage percentage.

*Create a Recent Activity List

*Create super nice Dev Metrics with added Feature Flags

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