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Unexpected Kindness

annawijetunga profile image Anna Wijetunga ・2 min read

Ever been on the receiving end of unexpected kindness? Then you know it's worth talking about!

I'm a recent career changer (former educator turned software engineer) and am job hunting. During this complicated time in our world.

Which you'd think would be Really Terrible Timing.

You'd mostly be right. But then the unexpected happened.

The Unexpected

It's typical these days to get on the phone with a technical recruiter and talk shop. What's the role? Salary expectations? Are you a real human?

That was my expectation getting on a call with Steve Levy.

Buckle up, folks, that's not what happened.

He declared up front that he didn't take this call to talk about jobs at that company - but rather to help me successfully present myself as a strong person (and candidate) moving forward.

Not sure if that's sunk in for you yet.

He took the call purely to help me.

That alone is a jaw-dropper, and I'm not even done yet.

For 45 minutes, I was taught (taught, folks, taught!):

1) How to turn my resume into a love letter to any employer.

2) How to use my decades of prior work experience as an asset.

3) How to get connected in all the right places.

It's also worth mentioning, Steve was only able to teach like this because he took the time to study my resume and LinkedIn profile ahead of time.

Why This is A Big Deal

I am here to tell you, this is not usual. This is not the norm. This is beyond anything I could have expected, dreamed of, imagined.

A person who doesn't owe me a thing, took extra time and effort to help me.

If you ask him, Steve would tell you that this is completely normal - it's just what he does.

While that may be true, for someone in my shoes, it felt extraordinary. That kindness won't be forgotten.

If you know me, even a little bit, you know that when folks give to me, I like to reciprocate. And if I can't, I pay it forward.

And Now

I'm paying it forward the best way I know how.

Sharing what this experience meant to me, hoping it can you teach you something new, and most importantly, showing my gratitude.

Steve Levy, you keep doing what you're doing, and you're going to change the world. Heck, you already have.

To other folks out there following suit, the world is awfully lucky you're here.

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