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Anna Villarreal
Anna Villarreal

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VSCode App Google Play -SUS!

Where do I begin. This is an amendment of sorts to my previous post found here:

The excitement of coding on your phone. While possible, I wanted to alert everyone about this potential imposter. Thank you everyone that has pointed out some facts. You're the real VIPS here.

potential scam app

What do we have here?

  • They charged me 11.99 for the app (refund requested)
  • The logo does not match the real vscode
  • They have 0 reviews


Potential scam app

  • They only have one app
  • If you google Dev.environments, you do not really find anything
  • The photos are extremely generic
  • "Environments for Developer" sounds a bit cave-manish. If you are trying to attract developers, shouldn't you have a better description?

When I downloaded this the other day, it had 100 downloads. thats up to 500 now. I wanted to alert all the other excited people out there that this is a very real security threat.

After jumping through several hoops I discovered that if you simply open vscode in the browser on your phone, click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, you can simply click "install app" and BAM everything you ever wanted. Logo even matches. XD Please don't do what I did and keep your sanity. Sure lucky to have a forum with intelligent people to keep me in line.

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Anderson Oliveira Bezerra

\o/ I hope you get a refund and thank you for sharing the experience! ˆˆ

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Anna Villarreal

Hopefully I can save someone the run around.