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Crickets, or hey, I work for a FAANG now and everything is NDA

The other week, I hit my six-month milestone at AWS. It's been... intense. Mostly in good ways! My team is still mainly my old startup team, plus some great new people that fit right in with us. There's always so much to learn, and most other engineers are supportive and happy to answer my noob questions. And in addition to writing code, thanks to Amazon's famous writing culture, I've also been writing a ton in general. The problem is, none of it is writing I can share on here.

Hence... crickets 🦗.

And I have no side project tutorials to document, because, well, that whole work-life balance thing is real and necessary and I'd rather be snowboarding than hacking away on a new project on my weekends, so that's what I've been doing.

Snowboard on Mt. Hood

I even got my first speaking gig in over two years later this month... at an internal conference I can't share.

So I guess this is more of an explanation of my absence from this wonderful Dev community over the last nine or so months, and probably ongoing absence in the near future, until there's something I can publicly write about related to my work. Or maybe until the winter season ends and I feel like hacking together another silly serverless abomination for fun, not profit, one weekend. TBD.

So. It feels pretty silly to write a whole blog post about not being able to write blog posts, but here we are.

But because you took the time to read my silly rantings, you should at least be rewarded with a picture of my cat resting happily on her window perch. Less code, more cats: that's a promise I can keep for now.

Cat on window bed

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Congrats on hitting the six-month milestone @annaspies! Glad to see you're still managing to find time to hit the slopes in spite of how occupied I'm sure you are at AWS!

deeheber profile image
Danielle Heberling

Moar cats plz. 🐈

annaspies profile image
Anna • Edited

That is never a problem:
cat in box