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The Best Features of a B2B Marketplace

I am a Marketing Manager at Greenice, web development agency. For more than three years, I've been creating helpful content for startups and business owners.
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The number of B2B platforms is growing rapidly in recent years. Moreover, the value of the B2B marketplaces 6 times exceeds the value of B2C platforms. No wonder, as they process large volume deals.

And this is despite the fact that business-to-customer platforms are more famous (who doesn't know Amazon or Aliexpress?) and as a rule are more advanced in features and design.

Still, customers become more demanding and require a better user experience, same as they got used to at B2C marketplaces where deals are completed in one click.

In our article, we collected all the features that a modern B2B platform should have to exceed the customers' expectations and bring its owners profit. And here you can reach the ultimate guide on how to create an online marketplace of any type.

Contact us, if you want to build a custom B2B platform.

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