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Preparation Guide For The MBA Interview

Of course, your academic achievement and your professional experience are key factors in admission to business school. They are part of what gets you invited for an interview. But the interview itself is extremely important. MBA programs are also interested in your interpersonal abilities.

Your interview gives the school the opportunity to get a better feel for who you are personally. They are looking for you communication skills as well as your values and if you can stand up under pressure. Basically, the interview is a chance for the school to assess your leadership potential, not only if you can make it through the program academically.

It is always best to go to the school itself to be interviewed instead of seeing a representative locally. You will then also have the chance help me write an essay and evaluate whether it is a good fit for you. It also gives you the opportunity to meet some of the faculty and have more than one interview.

Do your best to dress for the part for your interview. This means a conservative suit, especially if you are applying to an Ivy League school. Your clothes must be clean and neat and you should not have on a lot of jewelry. Make sure that no tattoos are visible if you have any.

The interview will ask questions on many different subjects including why you are applying to the school, your life growing up, your career, your education, and current news. It is especially important that you are properly prepared to explain your motivation for going to business school and that you are interviewing at in particular.

Your tone in giving your answers is equally important as the answers themselves. You want to sound confident but not arrogant, self-assured but not self-absorbed. Be calm and rational in your answers. The interviewer wants to see that you are emotionally well balanced.

Have your own questions ready about the school and its program. An MBA interview is also your chance to determine whether the school meets your needs. Your questions should be specific to the individual school and its program. Show that you know what you are talking about and have given consideration to how the school relates to you.

Approach your MBA interview as seriously as you would a job interview. Take it seriously but do not be stressed. Remember that if you are invited for an interview it is because they are seriously interested in what you have to offer.

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