Another Hacktober Newbie: Help?

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Yep, it's another beginner hopping on the Hacktoberfest train!

I feel like a true beginner. I'm slowly combing through the other dev.to beginner posts, and I feel like the extent of my rusty HTML/CSS knowledge can't really help the projects on https://up-for-grabs.net/ or https://www.firsttimersonly.com/.

I'd love to get 4 genuine PRs before the month's up, but I think my only stronger skills are HTML, CSS, and copywriting/writing/editing, and most of the repos I've seen have been self-explanatory. I'll continue to search for beginner-friendly resources for now!

Could anyone help me or shed light on possible things I could help with?

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My project Ara web is good, its in a very early stage so it has a lot of pretty easy things to get done. I am also putting a lot of issues up because of how busy I am with ara's android app (almost to a google play release).


I went to take a look at the Android and Server Githubs! But I've never really worked on those kinds of things before.

What sort of things could a beginner help with? (I think I can add descriptions to the readmes and make Ara sound cool?)


so it sounds like your learning HTML, CSS, and JS. I have a couple of issues open in Ara web. you can also, work on the floating action button with the mic on it, have it stay in view at all times. here is the preview of ara web fultonbrowne.github.io/Ara-Web/

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to adjust the mic button. I'm pretty rusty on coding, so it'll take me awhile to get back up to speed with JS. What did you want to do with the mic?

But I forked it to play around with the HTML and the CSS! I might make pages for the rest of the top menu.

right now the mic stays on the very bottom of the list, it would be great if it was at the bottom at screen but visible at all times.

I think I got the fix!

Right now I'm lost on how to make a branch and pull request, I wanted to try and tweak the CSS without downloading Git/Github Desktop (git commands confused me), but I guess I'll have to.

But once I figure out how to go about branching, I think I can send it over!


Hi there.
I wrote a post about what helped me if you wanna to check it out,
but the number one thing was finding out I could do my own projects.
So maybe you could start a website or a fan page about something you like.



I saw your post! I borrowed the idea to add discuss as a tag to this post aha.
I was surprised that self PRs worked. Maybe I'll try making a page on my own too.


Yes, it is fun!
And maybe you can add some issues in your project to help other people. I am thinking about doing it myself.


Hi AnnabelleUXUI, Your name handle is funny 😅. Looks like you're into frontend!

We're the team behind 👽 Postwoman (postwoman.io) - An online open sourced API request builder built with Vue Nuxt (4.3k+ stars on GitHub • #2 product of the day on Product Hunt • featured in Indie Hackers, Hacker news, Hacker noon, YouTube & open source dev podcast etc).

In this Hacktoberfest, we're looking contributions from people like you. Perhaps tweak some UI, update color schemes..

GitHub link: github.com/liyasthomas/postwoman


Hi Liyas! I wanted to go for AnnabelleUX, but that was a bust haha.

Postwoman looks amazing! Loving the UI as it is (I'm a big fan of dark modes), I can't quite imagine what needs updating. Maybe I'll take a look to see if the accent colors can be a bit softened, though they're already solid color schemes I think!


Hey! If you want some intro-level courses, you can take a look at FreeCodeCamp.

That site will help you improve your current HTML/CSS abilities & learn some Javascript (which you will find very useful to achieve your goal)!

Keep on!


Hi the Readme of my side project needs to be updated


Currently only mentions Github but now it supports Bitbucket too, you could contribute to it sending an improvement for the readme if you want.


Do you like Halloween? I would love to see some improvements to this project.



Thanks Shannon! I took a look over at halloweenti.me/, spooky!

I can think of only centering the text, maybe adding padding? But I'm at a loss of how else I can help this cute project!


Go for it! I was debating if the text should be centered myself.


Hi AnnabelleUXUI,

The Changelog podcast team has a transcripts repo for all of their different shows and they
have had an open issue for Hacktoberfest encouraging community members to help fix “Unintelligible” placeholders.

I found this to be low bar of entry, listen to a podcast and edit a markdown file, while still providing solid contributions and learning stuff!

The contributions section has a link to a predefined search for all mentions of “Unintelligible”. My strategy was to go to the middle search results page and pick out a podcast episode then verify there wasn’t an open PR against that same episode.

Best of luck! :D


Haha, you're facing the same troubles as myself. Hope you got your pull requests by now, good luck in any case.

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