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Gain Access😎😎

Anmol Sharma
Anmol Sharma
・1 min read

When you are new to hacking and want to know about some facts...
There are many different ways to hack--
SQL Injection
Pen Testing.

But for these you need to know some basic things ...


This script tag explains the XSS concept..
For cracking passwords all you need to do is to type the above tag in an input field and if it is vulnerable and security level is low then this tag will result into an alert-box containing the cookies.

Once you have the cookies,everything is easy to hack now...
Read/write data
Manipulate the commands
Access an account unauthorisedly...

It is all for educational purposes so do not try it everywhere except some predecided webpages like VWSA...
Please note that this activity is illegal in any ways so do not try to harm yourself as you are being watched,activity is being recorded and it's against the laws...

©Anmol Sharma®™

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