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15 ChatGPT Plugins to hack productivity

As one of the most advanced language models out there, ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for boosting productivity in a variety of settings, from customer support to personal organization.
This AI-powered chatbot is taking the productivity world by storm, and with a little help from some handy plugins, you can harness its full potential to streamline your workflow and get things done.

Whether you're a developer, a writer, or just someone looking to streamline your workflow, there's sure to be a ChatGPT plugin that can help.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to a more streamlined and effective workday!


Are you tired of constantly thinking of witty and engaging tweets for your social media accounts?
Well, TweetGPT is here to help! This amazing Chrome extension uses the power of ChatGPT to generate unique and personalized tweets, so you don't have to.

It's a game-changer for anyone looking to be more productive and efficient on social media.

  • 🆓 Free
  • 🔥 TweetGPT - chrome extension



With the Promptheus Chrome extension, you can have a natural and seamless conversation with ChatGPT using your voice and receive personalized writing prompts and suggestions.

Enjoy faster, more fluent conversations not limited by the speed of your keyboard!


YouTube Summary

Are you tired of spending hours watching YouTube videos or struggling to transcribe important information from them?

With YouTube Summary with Chat, you can save time and learn quicker by getting a summary of the video's key points and takeaways. Plus, you can quickly view and access the summary by clicking on the summary buttons on the video thumbnail while browsing YouTube videos.

No more wasting time trying to remember important details or re-watching long videos. With YouTube Summary with Chat, you can streamline your learning process and become more efficient in your studies or work.



Looking for a versatile and powerful assistant to help enhance your online experience?
This Chrome extension allows users to boost their productivity and efficiency across various websites, including search engines, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

With Merlin ChatGPT Assistant, you can generate quick and personalized replies, summarize content, and even shorten the text to save time and streamline your online activities. Plus, the developer boasts that it can be utilized with all Google searches.

Merlin now offers a Youtube and Blog summarizer enabled by GPT-4. Get a summary of lengthy content in just 15 seconds!

So why wait? Give Merlin ChatGPT Assistant a try today and see how it can transform your browsing experience!


Share GPT

Are you tired of having to repeat the same ChatGPT prompts over and over again?
With ShareGPT, you can easily share your ChatGPT prompts with others by clicking on the "share" and "bookmark" buttons found under your prompts.
This makes it easy to distribute your prompts to colleagues, friends, or anyone else who could benefit from them.

So if you're looking for a simple and effective way to share your ChatGPT prompts and save time and effort, give ShareGPT a try today!

  • 🆓 Free
  • 🔥 Share GPT - chrome extension



Do you ever feel like your ChatGPT conversations are missing something? Meet WebChatGPT, the Chrome extension that can help you enhance your ChatGPT conversations by adding relevant web results to your prompts.

With WebChatGPT, you can quickly and easily access up-to-date information and insights to help you have more accurate and productive conversations with ChatGPT.

So if you want to take your ChatGPT conversations to the next level and get access to the most relevant and up-to-date information, give WebChatGPT a try today!


ChatGPT Writer

Do you struggle to find the right words when composing emails? Meet ChatGPT Writer, the Gmail Chrome plugin that can help you write emails or responses with ease.

With ChatGPT Writer, you can save time and effort by letting ChatGPT do the heavy lifting when it comes to writing emails. And best of all, the extension is incredibly easy to use - simply install it, log into OpenAI, and you're ready to start composing emails with ChatGPT Writer.


Superpower ChatGPT

Superpower ChatGPT is the ultimate extension for anyone who wants to enhance their ChatGPT experience. With a wide range of features, it lets you customize your conversations, search through your chat history, and even export your chats into multiple formats. You can change the language and tone of the response, sync all your chats locally, and even pin important messages for quick access.

With Superpower ChatGPT, you'll have all the tools you need to supercharge your ChatGPT conversations and take your productivity to the next level!



Unlock the power of ChatGPT with ChatOnAI! This Chrome extension allows you to display ChatGPT responses alongside search engine results from popular search engines like Google, Bing, Ecosia, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and more.
With ChatOnAI, you can get the information you need quickly and easily, without having to switch back and forth between tabs or windows.


ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT Prompt Genius extension gives you access to a wide range of prompts and capabilities that will allow you to take your ChatGPT conversations to the next level. Whether you're looking to generate simple articles or complex code, this tool has everything you need to get the job done.
Plus, with access to a special subreddit maintained by the developers, you'll never run out of new prompts to explore.
So why wait? Start using ChatGPT Prompt Genius today and take your ChatGPT experience to new heights!


Open AI ChatGPT for Gmail

Looking for an easier way to craft professional and personalized emails?
With top-quality responses that outperform other tools in the market, ChatGPT Prompt Genius is your go-to solution for seamless email writing. It's privacy-friendly and supports all languages.

Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to effortless email writing with ChatGPT Prompt Genius!

Introducing WritingMateAI-1, the ultimate writing companion for all your creative and professional needs! With the power of ChatGPT, you can effortlessly draft or reply to emails, generate captivating blog posts, craft compelling essays, and even create marketing copy or press releases for your LinkedIn profile.

WritingMateAI-1 makes writing a breeze, leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter most. Try it now and unleash your writing potential!


LinkedRadar - OpenAI ChatGPT For LinkedIn

Looking to boost your productivity on LinkedIn?
This powerful Chrome extension utilizes OpenAI's ChatGPT to automate tedious tasks such as messaging, job searching, and networking.
By analyzing your LinkedIn profile and activity, LinkedRadar provides personalized recommendations and accurate responses to your queries.

With LinkedRadar, you can connect with like-minded professionals, find your next job opportunity, and grow your network effortlessly. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to increased productivity with LinkedRadar!


ChatGPT to Notion

Want to streamline your workflow and save valuable time while researching?
With just one click, you can save ChatGPT's insightful answers and related prompts to your preferred Notion database. No more sifting through endless notes or bookmarks - easily organize all your research in one place.
Plus, you can link as many databases as you need and choose exactly where to save each discussion.

Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to an effortless organization with ChatGPT to Notion.


ChatGPT for Google

This innovative browser extension brings the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT to your fingertips, enhancing your search results with intelligent and personalized responses.
With ChatGPT, you'll get a comprehensive understanding of the topics you search for, with answers that go beyond what's provided by traditional search engines.

The best part? You'll still see your normal search engine results, but with ChatGPT's responses right alongside them, making it easy to get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and multiple searches - ChatGPT for Google has got you covered!



Looking to optimize your website and boost its search engine ranking? This extension offers a curated selection of ChatGPT prompts specifically designed for SEO, copywriting, sales, marketing, art, programming, and more.

With just one click, you'll have access to expert prompts that will help you craft content that stands out from the crowd.
And with the ability to save your templates and share them with the community, you'll have the opportunity to gain recognition and clicks for your contributions.

Don't settle for less - use AIPRM for ChatGPT to take your content to the next level!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about these innovative and engaging browser extensions powered by ChatGPT and OpenAI. From saving time and increasing productivity to generating high-quality content and boosting website rankings, these extensions offer a wide range of benefits for users across industries and interests.

If you found any of these extensions useful or intriguing, I encourage you to try them out and share your experiences with others. And if you have any feedback or suggestions for how these extensions can be improved, please don't hesitate to share them with the developers.

I hope you enjoy using these extensions as much as we do and appreciate your support in helping them to continue developing new and innovative tools powered by ChatGPT and OpenAI. Thank you!

If you enjoy my content, show your support by following me on GitHub - happy coding!

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anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

I'm so excited to see how these extensions can help you all! But I know there are so many other useful extensions out there that can streamline our work even more.

So, I'd love to hear from you all - do you have any other favorite ChatGPT plugins that you use? Share them in the comments below, and together, we can help more people boost their productivity with ChatGPT!

bcouetil profile image

Thank you for this extensive list.

Could you add for each if it is free or what is the minimum cost ? I clicked on Merlin and saw that is $19/month, for example...

anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

Thank you for suggesting to include information about the cost or availability of each tool. I wanted to clarify that although a paid version of Merlin is available, it also offers a free version with some limitations, including 51 queries per day.

I apologize for any confusion caused by the lack of pricing information. I will update the post to include pricing details for each tool and indicate which ones are free to use. Thank you again for bringing this to my attention.

bcouetil profile image

No problem, don't apologize, you remind me of ChatGPT 😆

Your article is already great !

anurag_vishwakarma profile image
Anurag Vishwakarma

Nice work! 📚

anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and I hope you find the plugins useful.

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Anurag Vishwakarma

If you're interested to write blogs on topic like this let me know. I started too, let me know if you're interested.

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Captone Habiyaremye

Cool tools!
AI-Powered Learning Tool for problem solving: Consider giving it a ⭐ if you enjoy using it!

anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

Thank you for taking the time to check out my post and for sharing your project with the community.

I appreciate you providing the link to your GitHub repository, and I'm sure many people will find your tool useful.

I wish you all the best with your project, and I hope to see more contributions from you in the future.

vincanger profile image

Yo! nice post. Check out as well for easily creating and revising cover letters based on your resumé and job description

anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

Great to hear from you, and thank you for sharing your AI-powered tool for creating and revising cover letters. I appreciate your contribution to the community and I'm sure many people will find it useful.

I wish you all the best with your project and look forward to seeing more of your innovative ideas in the future. If there's anything we can do to support you, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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Jon Snow

Thank you for sharing amazing list 👍🧡

anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

Thanks for the kind words! It's great to hear that you found this list helpful :)

meloun7 profile image

Thank you <3

anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

Well, well, well, guess who just crashed our conversation like an uninvited guest? It's ChatGPT, the AI language model with a never-ending supply of words :)

foch01 profile image

This article was written by ChatGPT ?

anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal • Edited

As much as I would love to bask in the glory of being a published author, I have to confess that I didn't actually write that article - ChatGPT

remi_hernandez profile image
Remi Hernandez

Really nice post !

about youtube transcription there's a really better tool which is : I love it, really better to use than the chrome extension

anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

Thank you for sharing your recommendation for a better tool for YouTube transcription, It's always great to hear about new and improved tools that can make our lives easier.

I appreciate your input and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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