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Workaround for Unity Personal License Manual Activation Not Supported

You decided to add a CI/CD pipeline to your Unity Project using GameCI. You are all pumped up and ready to start.

What's the 1st step? Activating Unity! No biggie, right?

Well, hold on a sec. You generate the alf file after creating the github action. You carry on with the list and head to, all set to create that ulf file.

Plot Twist

But hold your horses because here comes the twist.

Unity no longer supports manual activation of Personal licenses

Unity dropped a bombshell: "Unity no longer supports manual activation of Personal licenses."

Manual activation of Personal licenses? Nope, not happening anymore. Cue the dramatic music. 🎵

But we are not giving up that easily. We disregard the message and upload the alf file.

Something's fishy. The option to generate an ulf for a personal license? Poof, it's vanished. Instead, it asks us to type in a serial number.

Activate your license using serial number

Time for a bit of trickery

Right-click and inspect the serial number box

Now, hunt down the <div class="option option-personal clear" style="display: none;"> section

Html Source

Guess what? We're deleting that pesky "display: none;".

Boom! Like magic, the Unity Personal Edition option reappears. 🎉

Page With Personal License

Hopefully, before this hack stops working, GameCI will have an official workaround :)


And here's a shoutout to realpepe, who cracked the code and shared the wisdom on Discord. Because in the world of tech, teamwork makes the magic happen.

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