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Software Engineer Resume Tips That Will Get You Hired

ankurkhemani profile image Ankur Khemani Originally published at Updated on ・1 min read

Are you applying for a job in software engineering or related role? Getting your resume right is crucial to land more interviews, thereby increasing your chances of getting hired.

I have done a postmortem of my software engineering resume out of college that helped me land job interviews from top tech giants and startups like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tinder, etc.

You can refer to it as a sample to build a similar resume for yourself. Here’s a quick highlight of DOs and DONTs:

✅ one page resume that pops out
✅ highlight personal projects outside academics
✅ use bullet points
✅ add keywords
✅ add links to portfolios especially LinkedIn & Github
✅ proofread!

❌ long paragraphs
❌ spelling and formatting mistakes
❌ spamming keywords
❌ highlighting too many words or sentences

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Ahmed Rebai

Can I share my resume with you and get feedback ?

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