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Ankit Beniwal 🙂
Love to jump in at the deep end.
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I am nowadays working towards building a strong web presence from Youtube to Instagram to Dev.

What is your opinion about web presence of a Software Developer?

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mt3o • Edited

Instagram? Wtf?
Unless you want to make a show, write on dev. For show, or recording of your presentation on a conference - use youtube.

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Ankit Beniwal 🙂 Author • Edited

well that's true. I will be using instagram to showcase design ideas.

Also I think that I can get in touch with a lots of people if I use different platforms.

*Open to discussion on this aspect.

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One insight: avoid treating any single platform as gateway to the other. There are people who post material on youtube, write here an introduction and leave the link or embed the 20 minute video. If you are the user and see such thing wanting to solve your problem quickly - you'll be upset by having to watch long video where you could just scan thru the text in less than a minute.

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Ankit Beniwal 🙂 Author

Yeah. Thanks for pointing this out. btw I have also faced that disappointment :/