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Algorithms & Data Structures: Resource Pack

So this time I am sharing a valuable resource for those who are willing to work with algorithms and data structures.

Many of us are already known to this one, but for the sake of beginners and those who have not yet explored it:

The Algorithms on GitHub

These algorithms are implemented in more than 15 languages.

You can use these repos to learn the concepts easily. I found these to be most optimized and well documented.

Also, those who love to work in open source world can contribute to these helpful resources.

My favourite one, with more than 20K stars is:

GitHub logo TheAlgorithms / Java

All Algorithms implemented in Java

The Algorithms - Java

Build Discord chat Gitpod ready-to-code

You can run and edit the algorithms, or contribute to them using (a free online development environment) with a single click.

Open in Gitpod

All algorithms are implemented in Java (for educational purposes)

These implementations are intended for learning purposes. As such, they may be less efficient than the Java standard library.

Contribution Guidelines

Please read our Contribution Guidelines before you contribute to this project.

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Our directory has the full list of applications.

Cheers 🥂

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