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Ankit Beniwal
Ankit Beniwal

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Show me light, Saviour: Need some advice to jump in the industry

Hola Señores,

I hope you all are being awesome 😎😎 and developing cool stuff.

I am currently in the final year of my Master's Degree in Computer Applications. I am preparing for placements to get me started in the industry.

Prior to this, I have a continuously growing skill set which is better than Average Students. I have experience developing apps as a freelancer and hobbyist. I have also worked with a Non-Profit Organisation as a team lead and intern guide. Not undermining or Over-evaluating my skills, I would say that I will do good in the industry. I have a passion to work in computer science and the ability to solve problems.

Everything good so far. But here is an obstacle: I have observed from past years and now more than ever that software companies are shortlisting candidates with Competitive Programming (CP). And let me admit that after trying multiple times, I have miserably failed with this heck of a thing. I have read multiple articles even here on Dev that CP is not relevant for working in real-world applications. It's more of a sport.

Anyways, I face this situation where I am not even allowed to present my case to some technical lead or someone who might understand my skills. They will reject me on the basis of the CP Test. This is all because of the cut-throat competition in the placements. But that is completely different and out of the scope of this post.

As for now, I need advice on how to handle this mess and get out of the muddle. I am really worried about it.

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ecyrbe • Edited

Hi Ankit,

Not all tech compagnies are hiring through this process. Usually only giant tech compagnies that have way more candidates than positions are using this as a way to discriminate devs.

If you want to work for Google for example, then yes you might have to go through this process.

Then, the only advice i can give you is to practice it.