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4 great Machine Learning tools

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Hey! In my new job I got to know a few great Machine Learning tools which I want to share 🤖:

  1. MLFlow: A platform for the Machine Learning lifecycle, meaning you can log all your experiments there with graphs/visualizations so you can see which model performs the best.

  2. BentoML: A framework for deploying ML models and embedding your models into a REST Api super easy and fast.

  3. Streamlit: Embed your ML project in your own Web app to make it interactive (Input and output via a GUI) and see results.

  4. Kedro: A framework for creating data science pipelines (e.g. a module for data preparation, one for training the model and one for evaluation)

Which ML tools can you recommend? Have a nice Easter weekend! 🐇 :)

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Waylon Walker

Are you using kedro? What have you built with it?