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3 reasons to love Latex

Latex is a software for writing and formatting documents. Its not only A software it is The software for this purpose.;)


Latex gives you all the power! You can tweak and define Everything, you know exactly why something is shown a certain way and you can create the most amazing layouts. If you like Markdown you will love Latex.


When you use the Website, you can very easily get started writing online and if you need it, choose one of the 948573849 templates(actually I didnt count). If you don't want to use Overleaf, you can also check out my video "How to write a report with Latex", linked at the end.

3.Code Listing package

To include code into your document, you can use the Code listing package, in which you can define all the details about which language it is, which colors you want, which keywords you don't want, if you want line numbering, and a lot more. Read more about it here:

Latex is used a lot in science, because it has so many possibilities to fit in all diagrams, formulas and whatever else you need in your document. You can also use it for e.g. your CV, formatting articles, books... check it out. :)

Find my video about how to write a report with Latex here:

What are your thoughts on Latex? Have a nice day. :)

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Sanskrati Jain

Overleaf is really amazing, it really makes the papers look more professional and clean.

anja profile image
Anja Author

definitely, I love it :D