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Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador Program

Become a Student Ambassador
Finding your community is more important than ever as classes and social activities take place virtually. Amplify your impact and bring together your peers to learn new skills, solve real-world problems, and build communities across the globe.
Learn and get chance to work with Microsoft community.


  1. To apply, you must be at least 16 years old, have valid identification and be actively enrolled in an accredited, higher education academic institution.

  2. You must be a student from a university or college affiliated to some university.

  3. All college students are eligible for this program.

  4. You need to have proper valid identification papers.


How to apply

  1. Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador program opens twice every year quarterly, you can apply both times.

  2. You must have Microsoft account.

  3. Visit official website of Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador or apply via given link. Apply Here

  4. Click on Apply Now button and then login with your Microsoft account.

  5. Now again click on Apply Now button.

  6. You will see a form, fill the form completing all the necessary details and reading terms and conditions.

As it turns out, earning these benefits involves doing some pretty fun things. Program have three milestones for Student Ambassadors:

1. Alpha- Complete a Microsoft Learn path and unlock Azure credits with your Visual Studio Enterprise subscription benefit. You’ll also receive a certification voucher, and a free domain name.

Benefits include:

  1. LinkedIn Learning
  2. VS CodeSpaces Subscription
  3. VS Enterprise subscription
  4. MTC voucher
  5. domain for a year and maybe more

2. Beta - Host an event in your community to unlock event support and resource benefits. This effort could include an invitation to join our annual Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Summit.

Benefits include:

  1. Microsoft swag kits and goodies like pens, backpacks, T-shirts, 2. pen drives and more
  2. $150 worth of monthly Azure subscription
  3. And all benefits below this stage

3. Gold - Get invited to the Gold milestone when you’ve gone above and beyond in earning your badges and serving your local community. You’ll become a Student Ambassadors Regional Leader, gain access to special events, and may be invited to become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Benefits include:

  1. All benefits below this milestone
  2. Chance to be a regional leader
  3. Chance to be a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional(MVP)

The Student Ambassadors program prepares students for future careers through opportunities to build vibrant communities and share the latest in tech with their peers. Through exclusive access to Microsoft resources, such as Microsoft Learn, Visual Studio Code, and Azure credits, Student Ambassadors are equipped to build their technology skillset through hands-on learning.
In addition, you have the opportunity to develop your leadership and entrepreneurship skills through hosting events on your campus, networking with other students and Microsoft professionals, and building interdisciplinary skills, such as public speaking, and social media and personal branding.

Microsoft has largest tech community, joining and working with such big company will give a boom to your carrier. Also this will make your resume highly skilled apart from others.

Rock it!

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