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Selenide - UI tests in minutes

Selenide - UI tests in minutesSelenide – UI tests in minutes

Selenide, is what I discovered as part of a new assignment at work. It involved testing of a product management application, majority of it a web based UI.

I took a week to get a deeper understanding of the assignment, both in terms of technical and business. Although it said automation is out of scope for now, I wanted to make my work easier. My hunt for suitable tools ended with Selenide.

It took be around 4 days to automate considerable amount of scenarios which could be presented as ROI or effort savings. Setting up the project with right tech stack took the most time. I spent around 1.5 days in writing tests.

  • Selenide – For UI tests
  • Maven – Build tool
  • Junit5 – For writing tests
  • Allure – For reporting
  • Docker* – For generating an emailable report.

The intent of this post is to share the project setup so that, if anyone else is looking for something similar, they can avoid the effort to set the project up. You can find this in on my github .

Few thing that I learnt while working on this are listed here :

  1. Ability to log custom messages in an allure report.
  2. Ability to use excel sheet as test data input.
  3. Java Enum
  4. Junit5 parametrized test.
  5. Understanding of tags in Junit

Selenide has definitely worked very well for my use cases and would definitely recommend for people to try. There are a lot more things that I would like to learn/understand.

  • Better way of handling Test data.
  • Leveraging picocli or other argument parsers for executing specific tests/modules.

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