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Why Chakra UI design systems is popular. What lessons can you learn from it?

When writing this blog post, chakra UI has 488 K monthly downloads with 20.4k Github starts. So I took a deep dive into what makes it great. Here are my key takeaways.

Time for value

You can see UI components in action on the landing page of Chakra UI; You don't need a special setup to test it. Chakra UI.



The great getting started guide is from the Frontend developer perspective, not only talks about the import Chakra UI components and installs the dependency. In addition, it explains how to use Chakra UI with the most commonly used Reactjs bootstrapping solutions - create-react-app, Next.js and Gatsby.

It comes with getting started video as well. I prefer video tutorials to get started examples, and I can watch with 2x speed.

Developer experience

In addition to UI components, it also gives you the Hooks for managing Ui components functionality, making it developer more efficient. Chakra UI hooks


You are not alone, a massive community behind it. With great sponsors and contributors. Chakra UI team

Do you know any other design systems you like with excellent developer experience?

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