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Techniques and tips to land Frontend intern job after Bootcamp with Michelle Liebheit

Takeaway from the conversation

  1. Keep coding; some people stop coding. You need to practice and polish your case study projects for the interviews.

  2. Do mock interviews with your friends and cohort group.
    Have an accountability group with your 2 to 3 cohort job seekers: Run daily status updates and share your progress.

  3. A couple of good projects are enough to start a job hunt and show your skill. You don't need 10 projects to start looking for a job.

  4. Increase your learning
    a. Volunteer your time.
    b. Look for freelance work.
    c. Building websites for the Figma design - Frontend mentors and Frontend practice.

  5. Identify top skills required for the job. You don't have to match all the 100% job requirements; you can still apply for the job.

  6. Show consistency on your GitHub projects. It can give a good impression.

  7. Use LinkedIn efficiently.
    Example: Post your learnings, engage in the conversation, and reach out to people for networking(ask an expert for tips and understand their tech journey, reach out to previous colleagues).
    Have the flow, don't have a gap, stay consistent, keep applying.

  8. Don't feel bad. Be ready for many rejections and it is common.

Apply for Frontend internship or Junior Frontend role?

Ignore the years of experience asked in the Job description. If your skills matches, Apply. Sometimes, companies say you are not meeting the job description but can consider you for a trainee or internship role.

Company cultural fit matters

Don't look for the best company or opportunity; instead, look for culture fit and good mentorship. It's your opportunity to learn and feel supportive. Then, grow within the company.

Bootcamp projects are not real-life work experiences; you will learn a lot. But, in actual projects on the job, you will have more time to reflect on your code and collaborate with the team.

Keep coding, build community and network.

Do you have any favorite techniques do you like to recommend?
Let me know in the comments.


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