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Organizing meetups to landing developer advocacy role

Conversation with Rob Axelsen about his journey of landing developer advocacy role from organizing community meetup events in Vienna, Austria.

Takeaway from the conversation

  1. The best place to transition into the devRel role is within the organization itself.

  2. Understand the job requirements and tailor your resume and interview to demonstrate relevant and valuable experience to the role.

  3. Highlight your public speaking links on your resume and make them relevant for the roles;

  4. Pin the projects you are proud of on GitHub.

  5. Include links to your blogging or writing samples as well.

  6. Continuously look for devRel openings and expose yourself to more opportunities and meet more people.

  7. Apply even if it’s not 100% match. DevRel hiring is about finding the best fit on both sides; it depends on many factors like technology and team composition.

  8. Depending on your background, the devRel team can create a new role that fits best with your background. In Rob’s case, he asked for a developer advocate role instead of a community manager role because job responsibilities are close to developer advocate and Rob wants to move in the developer advocate role.

Contribution to open source doesn’t have to be only code; it can be

  1. Contribute to documentation
  2. Reporting issues
  3. Triage issues

Daily blogging allowed Rob to discover his voice and conversation style writing.

How does running Meetup skills help in the current role?

  1. Drive things and build an internal community for Design system Barista ,
  2. Talking to people for collaboration of new ideas.
  3. Project management skills

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