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The New Reality - AR + dNFTs

What if you could enhance your reality and own it? What if you could also allow others to experience it immersively? This idea can become a reality we could live in together. This is possible by utilizing the power of Augmented Reality (AR) and Dynamic NFTs (dNFTs).

So, let’s dive right in and see how we can use AR and dNFTs to create a new reality.

Intro to AR and dNFTs

Let’s start by understanding what AR and dNFT’s are.


Augmented Reality is a technology designed to augment our reality. AR enhances our real world by incorporating different digital elements into our physical world. We can create interactive experiences using AR that are influenced by our real world.

Digital content is gaining a new outlook because of the immersive potential of AR.

Pokemon Go was a successful AR game showcasing the power of AR in gaming. You must have also experienced AR lenses on Instagram and Snapchat. This is one of AR’s use cases called “Social AR”.

Image descriptionFew Examples of AR experiences on Snapchat(source)

There are many more use cases and implementations of AR; we will get onto that soon. But now let’s learn about dNFTs.


dNFTs are nothing but the involvement of dynamics in NFTs.

So, what is dynamic? Well, it implies change; the opposite of it is static. Consider your name, it’s likely not gonna change; so we can consider it to be an example of static data. However, if we look at the temperature of our place or the price of a cryptocurrency; they keep on changing. This implies that they are dynamic. Let’s get back to dNFTs.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), as we know, are unique digital objects on a blockchain. Each NFT differs from the others as it possesses a unique token ID and contract address. Then, we can attach metadata like images, videos, and other forms of media to it; thus making it possible to own a token representing a unique digital object.

But what if we could incorporate new information and data into an NFT? This will increase its value and utility. Here’s where dNFTs come to light.

Dynamic NFTs (dNFTs) are expanding NFTs by their ability to respond to external events and data. A dNFT is a type of NFT that can change its property based on external conditions. Smart contracts are instructed on how the dNFT’s metadata should be changed based on an external trigger.

Eg. Dynamic Art (A piece of digital art in a dynamic NFT can change depending on the external weather)

Image descriptionSource: Chainlink

The intersection of AR and dNFTs

AR and dNFTs can be combined to enhance the way we experience our digital and physical worlds. For example, an AR app could recognize a dynamic NFT and display different information or animations depending on the token's current state.

Instead of letting NFTs stay in the wallet, AR allows us to experience them in the real world.

Artists are using AR to enhance their artwork and give it life!

Image description

The true power of the spatial web can be experienced by combining AR with NFTs.

dNFTs, for instance, can be created when specific events occur, such as when a hidden location in an AR app is discovered. dNFTs might also have “hidden features” that are only revealed when a user interacts with them.

By overlaying this digital art onto the real world through AR, users can experience the art in a unique way. For example, a dNFT art piece could respond to the user's motion or change its look based on the time of day.

Let’s explore a few use cases of dNFTs and AR -

  • Gaming - The immersion and engagement of gaming can be taken to the next level by overlaying game worlds onto the real world using AR. The items and assets in the game can be represented using dNFTs. dNFTs can also allow character progression i.e. as we level up in the game, our character’s look will change to reflect the progress. Example - Maddroids ( are using the power of AR and dNFTs in their game.
  • Art - In the world of art, AR with dNFTs is enabling artists to create dynamic as well as interactive art pieces that can evolve over time. In addition, technologies like face tracking provide new methods of control for NFT-based interactive and animated artwork by providing a new canvas to place them. With a world lens, you can interact with an art NFT by placing it in your own environment, be it your living room, office, or art gallery, with AR.
  • Marketing and advertising - Companies can use the potential of dNFTs with AR to increase their consumer engagement and reward their customers with exclusive access to their events and products.

Image description

  • Education - With AR, we can provide an interactive learning experience to students by laying educational content in the real world. Also, dNFTs can be combined to provide students with badges, progress cards, and exam reports.
  • Fashion - AR could allow people to wear simple bodysuits in real life and view each other’s fashion NFTs through AR glasses, which overlay extra information onto a user’s real-world scene. Rtfkt, arguably the most successful NFT fashion brand, recently posted a video of people walking around New York City wearing Rtfkt’s clothing in AR, including its Metajacket, from the point of view of a person wearing AR glasses.
  • Passport and identity - Future passports can be issued as dNFTs, this getting automatically updated based on the locations you travel to. Also, you could go through your travel history in form of AR. (I am super excited to use this)
  • Business growth - Businesses will use AR and dNFTs as a means to provide loyalty points and discounts to their customers will see an incremental growth in their traction and profits.
  • Event organization - dNFTs as a form of event ticket can update its status on its own based on your activity and involvement in the event.
  • Supply chain - Supply chain can gain a surmountable benefit by using dNFTs and AR to get automatic and immersive updates on the status of delivery during each checkpoint.


Let’s look at some exciting projects in this space -


Pascal Boyart was one of the first street artists to attach Bitcoin QR codes to his work. He gives life to his murals using the power of AR, spatial audio and NFTs.

Image description
La Liberté Guidant le Peuple” (Liberty Guiding the People) - Pascal Boyart

Lamelo Ball dNFT -

Lamelo Ball, a professional NBA player, released dynamic NFT tied to his performance on the court.

Image description
Source - Lamelo Ball Website

AR filter to showcase NFT

The auction house Sotheby’s created an Instagram filter allowing users to see what Botticelli’s “Portrait of a Young Man Holding a Roundel” painting would look like in their homes.

Image descriptionBotticelli’s Portrait of a Young Man Holding a Roundel

AR + dNFTs

One can buy seed crystals which with time grow into OG crystal.

Image description
Source:OG Crystal

AR Mural NFT -

Ryan Sarfati and Eric Skotnes’s The Majestic artwork allows people who can’t visit Tulsa can enjoy the painting online in AR.

Image descriptionSource:Opensea

It is the largest mural in Oklahoma, holding the world record for the largest augmented mural.

Target Tracking AR NFT -

NFT Boba allows owners to view their NFT in the real world using AR plane tracking implementation.

Image descriptionSource:NFTBoba

dNFT gaming

Sunflower Land is a game allowing the creation of dynamic pfp and characters.

Image descriptionSource: Sunflower Land

Some other examples are -

  • Face filter NFTs - Melbourne-based artist Marc-O-Matic merges traditional illustrative art, 3D animation, and augmented reality.****
  • Ready Player Me - buy NFT avatars and use them in augmented reality and virtual reality environments.
  • Hololoot ( - It is a blockchain-based ecosystem that integrates NFTs and AR assets, creating a metaverse for users to explore and create user-generated contents that are recorded on the blockchain.
  • AR Metaverse


With the powerful combination of AR and dNFTs, brands and creators can benefit as their immersive projects will gain improved engagement, greater loyalty, and flexible monetization. AR (Augmented Reality) and dynamic NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are two emerging technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with digital assets.

Overall, the future of AR with dynamic NFTs is bright, with the potential to transform various industries and create new and exciting experiences for users.

This new sphere of collaboration leaves us with a question to ponder,

If we can build the future, then why not?

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