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How to make iNFT using Alethea AI

This is a quick explainer on how to imbue your ERC 721 iNFT with AI through a process called Fusion, turning it into an interactive and intelligent iNFT, or INT. To create an iNFT, you are going to need to have your iNFT of choice and an Alethea AI intelligence pod in your wallet.

If you are requesting to fuse an iNFT that has not been approved yet, you will also need some credits, but more on that later. If you dont have an intelligence pond already, you can purchase one on third-party marketplaces like OpenSea.
Once you have both assets in your wallet, you will want to go to the Alethea AI Intelligent Metaverse DAP known as Noahs Ark. At Noahs Arc AI, you can think of an iNFT as having three distinct parts: a body, a soul, and a mind.

The iNFT acts as the body for your iNFT. The Intelligence Pod can be thought of as a soul, enabling your iNFT to have a customizable on-chain personality and upgradeable intelligence levels. The AI systems, or the mind powering the infts, then allow your inft to interact, perform tasks, and offer services on the AI Protocol ecosystem.

Once youve created an account and signed in on the homepage, you will see the option to demo an iNFT or Request to Fuse the demo, and in iNFT, this option allows you to create a demo and interact with it. The Request to Fuse option is where the magic happens.

When you click on Request to Fuse, you will be prompted to connect your wallet and sign a gasless transaction to allow the Noahs Arc app to read the contents of your wallet. Once youve signed the transaction, you will see the first screen of the Fusion process, prompting you to select one of the iNFT collections that have been identified in your wallet.

It is important to note the disclaimer on the right. While iNFT collections containing three D assets and video nets might show up on this screen, fusion for them is currently not supported, so it is recommended that you select a two DFT that is a static image like a PFP collection. Collections that have been whitelisted in their entirety will have a blue check mark next to them and can be turned into iNFTs instantly. Collections that do not have the blue checkmark will require you to submit the request, which, depending on demand, can take up to seven days to get approved.

For this explanation, we are going to select a non-white list collection for the body of the iNFT, followed by an intelligence pod like this. Level Four. The final screen asks you to confirm your fusion request. The fusion process, once submitted, will transfer your intelligence pod to the iNFT contract and let the AI protocol know that it has been linked to your iNFT.

Your iNFT will remain in your wallet, and your INT, once approved, will only be manageable using the wallet that is holding the iNFT. This means that you can transfer the body NFT if needed and still be able to access your iNFT from the new wallet.

However, if you plan to sell your iNFT and want to retain the intelligence pod, it is recommended to unfuse the intelligence pod from it. Otherwise, the ownership of the intelligence pod will transfer to the new owner of the body iNFT back to the Fusion Request process.

If your iNFT has not been previously approved, you will need to have 2 thousand credits in your account to submit the request, which are fully refundable in the event that your Fusion request does not meet the guidelines that are outlined in the Fusion.

Terms and Conditions Credits can be earned on Noahs ARK by participating in community events, completing certain tasks, or by converting the Artificial Liquid Intelligence, or ALI, utility token to credits on Noahs credit conversion screen, which can be accessed by clicking on the credits button in the top right.

Once you are ready to continue, you can click request to fuse and then confirm. If this is your first time interacting with Noahs ARRKCAP on that particular wallet, you will see a pop-up to give permission for your intelligence pod to be transferred to the Fusion Contract.

You are followed by the transaction to file the Fusion request and send your intelligence pod to the Fusion contract. Once your request has been submitted, you will see a confirmation window that has some information for you and a button through which you can train and interact with your intelligence pod, which has been given a base-level personality to allow you to interact with it instantly.

You can also access the training feature by hovering over the My Assets menu item and clicking on the My in iNFT option. This will take you to the iNFT carousel, where you can see all of your pending and approved iNFTs, allowing you to train, customize, upgrade, interact, and create content with your iNFT.

That concludes this video on how to imbue your iNFT with AI. For more on all of those different features in a separate video, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. Over 50 thousand other AI enthusiasts ask questions and learn more about iNFTs, the AI protocol, and Alethea AI.

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