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Write-Only Social Media

Social media can help you look for jobs, be visible to people and get word out about things that could help others. At what cost though?

The current disaster is an unevenly distributed pandemic but
there have always been unevenly distributed disasters as one side of the world recovers and the other reels.

If you're in the part that's currently reeling it can be hard to open up twitter to share resources or job hunt without a forceful reminder of what the state of everything is.

To solve this problem I've been using tools that are normally used by brands to maintain a social presence, a social media tool like Buffer

Write Only Social Media

Buffer is particularly helpful because it has free accounts, is easy to use to get set up for LinkedIn and Twitter and keeps the peace-wrecking "feed" off your eyeballs.

With it you could write and post things without ever having to look at what else is happening.

If you turn on emails for twitter DM's, you won't miss those either and going straight to will bypass the feed again to reply to them.

Stay safe, stay home if you're in the currently unlucky country/city and hopefully this too will pass.

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