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Robolectric, doesn't really require Java 9

Sometimes you'd need Robolectric to test things, like JodaTime, if you didn't want to go to the effort of either DI replacing it or running on a real device everytime.

When you do so, if you just use whatever the default your manifest runs on, you could face issues with it saying:

[Robolectric] WARN: Android SDK 29 requires Java 9 (have Java 8). Tests won't be run on SDK 29 unless explicitly requested.

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Failed to create a Robolectric sandbox: Android SDK 29 requires Java 9 (have Java 8)

Usually when your target SDK is set to the latest, which is what Robolectric will use by default.

The Fix

Instead of:

class EmotionJourneyToViewUseCaseTest {....}


@Config(sdk = [Config.OLDEST_SDK])
class EmotionJourneyToViewUseCaseTest {....}

Sure, now you're only testing against the minSdk in your project, and this might not be adequate for you depending on what you're testing. Particularly if the test requires something in a later version of the SDK!
Please consider your individual test situation.
However, if all you need is JodaTime working, this works great!

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