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Web1 vs Web2 vs Web3

✨ Web1 ✨:-

  • Web1 was introduced when internet was born. At that time the main purpose of websites was to show static contents in the form of blogs, newsletters and articles.

  • All the websites were internally linked using hyperlinks.

  • A user was able to only consume the information not interact with it in web1.

  • HTML and CSS were used to built websites in Web1.

Image representing an example of a website in web1:

✨ Web2 🎇

  • Web2 was introduced in order to bring interactiveness to websites and also user can perform certain actions.

  • Big tech giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft are currently ruling the web2 world.

  • Now you may be confused that how these big tech giants are ruling the world, well let me decode it.

  • Let's suppose you open and logged in into your account.

  • On the instagram home screen you see the posts of the followers which you follow.

  • In the instagram feed section, you get to see the posts according to your interests.

  • Now the thing here is that you are not controlling what you are seeing in your feed, its instagram who is controlling what and how to display the posts to your feed.

  • So thats how our user data and activity is stored on instagram servers and based on the data, instagram is recommending the posts to us.

  • So in short terms, a central entity called instagram who is controlling the user data in web2 and thats how web2 is lead by the tech giants.

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJs etc are the libraries/frameworks used to build websites in web2 world.

  • And don't forget we are living in web2 world so take care of your data.

🎆 Web3 🎇

  • Web3 is the term which is currently booming a lot.

  • In web3 each user is its own boss, which means instead of a central entity ruling the data of the users, here each user can monitor the activity going on and they are highly interconnected.

  • In web3 world, we mostly deal with transactions which means whatever actions we perform on the web is recorded in the public ledger as a transaction and everyone can see the transaction details.

  • Web3 contains many topics like NFT, DeFi, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and we will cover this topic separately in future blogs.

So I hope you got a high level view of how web1,web2 and web3 works 🤞.
See you in the next blog 👋.

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