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Prometheus Server

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  • The Prometheus server is the core component responsible for scraping, storing, and querying metrics data.
  • The Prometheus server is designed for reliability and scalability, allowing it to handle large volumes of metrics data from numerous targets. Here’s a breakdown of its functionalities:

Data Scraping:

  • The Prometheus server regularly scrapes metrics data from configured targets.
  • It supports various protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SNMP for scraping metrics endpoints

Prometheus Configuration File:

  • The Prometheus configuration file is where you define the targets to scrape, the time intervals for scraping, and other configuration settings.
  • The Prometheus configuration file is written in YAML format and defines various aspects of Prometheus’ behavior.
    Global Configuration:

  • The global configuration section contains settings that apply globally to Prometheus.

  • This includes parameters like the scrape interval, which determines how often Prometheus scrapes metrics from targets.
    scrape_interval: Defines the interval at which Prometheus scrapes metrics data from targets.

evaluation_interval: Specifies the interval at which Prometheus evaluates alerting rules.

  • Scrape configuration defines the targets that Prometheus should scrape for metrics data.
  • Each scrape configuration specifies a job name and a list of targets to scrape. These targets could be specific endpoints or services job_name: Identifies a logical group of targets.

static_configs: Defines static targets to scrape, such as specific IP addresses and ports

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