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how to build express js code faster

Angga Lesmana
I am a fullstack JavaScript web developer . I glad for coding or programming
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Alright. let me share how to build expressjs code faster
oke for the first you should visit a

we can build a expressjs code use terminal with complieted
first you should visit a link express.js and click for Getting Started and choose a express generator install express generator on your terminal npx express-generator and after that you get it

create : myapp
create : myapp/package.json
create : myapp/app.js
create : myapp/public
create : myapp/public/javascripts
create : myapp/public/images
create : myapp/routes
create : myapp/routes/index.js
create : myapp/routes/users.js
create : myapp/public/stylesheets
create : myapp/public/stylesheets/style.css
create : myapp/views
create : myapp/views/index.pug
create : myapp/views/layout.pug
create : myapp/views/error.pug
create : myapp/bin
create : myapp/bin/www

and open on your tools editor

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