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Discord Community for Hashicorp Products

Today, I created a Hashicorp Discord community. I want a place to be able to talk with other people interested in the Hashicorp products (Terraform, Nomad, Vagrant...) more synchronously. I'm not affiliated with Hashicorp in any way, and so this is an unofficial server.

Invite link to server:

The rest of this post will describe what niche this Discord server fills.

Hashicorp Forum

The Hashicorp forum is a great place to get your questions about any Hashicorp product answered by the people who work on them. However, it's very asynchronous. Response time can be quick for the popular products, and a lot slower for some of the other ones. Further, it is mostly just a place with a question/answer format. I don't feel encouraged to talk about the cool projects I'm working on, and be able to chat with people about them.

The Discord server fixes this with the "showcase" channels. If you have a project to link, or you have a cool application, post it! You can then discuss it with others in real-time. So far, there is just a showcase channel for homelab projects. This will expand as other application areas are needed. It might not fit the best for discussing corporate usage, but the HashiStack can be great for casual use as well!

Webinars, Presentations, and Talks

Hashicorp posts lots of great educational and informative content on their Youtube channel. There are recorded live streams, talks from different conferences, and "community office hours". However, comments are turned of for many, if not all of their videos.

This makes it very difficult to build an interest group around the products. I want to talk to people about how awesome I think Nomad is for my use case, but there isn't a place to do this. Hopefully, the Discord server can cultivate this!

Next Steps

Anyways, this is where my thought process is. It could be that it isn't set up in a very helpful way, in which case, I invite you to recommend changes in the #server-suggestions channel. I hope that in the future I can have a place to get just as excited about Hashicorp products as I am about Kubernetes on other Discord servers.

Hope to see you on the server!

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