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First, coolest username ever. Second, many of us are self-taught, myself included. I am still a student, not yet a developer. You are way ahead of me and I don't want this to sound like I know stuff, because I don't. I have not yet worked as a developer. That being said, this is a great time to add some skills to your portfolio. There are a lot of low-cost courses out there that are pretty good. Whenever I talk to software developers (there are a few gaming companies here in Raleigh), they tell me that they are always looking for developers, that there aren't enough, and here's where I should go to learn, which is how I got the idea that maybe I should take a class. I signed up for a boot camp on Udemy and haven't regretted it. I think I paid $12? Mine covers HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap 3&4, JavaScript, JQuery, and NodeJS. React isn't covered but I'll probably take a separate course for it. So really, you are a developer who has lots of skills to choose from to add to his resume. Good luck!

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