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Discussion on: Can you become a successful software developer without a CS degree? My opinion

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Natalia Venditto Author • Edited on

Hi Pandita! Thanks for replying. Yes, like my post says also, having a CS degree is very helful to land a job, and it is probably more certain for immigrats...

But I think it is a totally different concern there. It is more like the degree helps you to successfully get your permit; does not guarantee you become a successful developer.

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oh yeah, having a degree doesn't mean you're going to be the best developer, I had a teacher who was magna cum laude but wasn't able to keep a job, at least that's what the rumors said. Some of the best professionals out there haven't stepped one foot in a university.

But I do like reminding that a degree helps when you're trying to get a job out of your country because you never know when your home country is going to auto explode one day XD

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Natalia Venditto Author

Oh, thanks for taking care of those who follow our steps. I am also an immigrant. I hear you. 💜

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