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Stefan Anevski
Stefan Anevski

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Optimizing LinkedIn Networking for getting Freelance jobs/side-projects: Advice Needed!

Hi guys,

I'm a recent full-time software engineer keen on exploring side projects to expand my skill set. I'm reaching out to seek your advice on effective networking strategies on LinkedIn. How do you approach professionals for collaboration without being pushy? Any tips on crafting compelling messages or finding the right communities?

Your insights can benefit not just me, but others in similar situations. Let's share experiences and help each other grow. Thanks for your valuable input!

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Ben Halpern

I'm not a big LinkedIn person, but I know folks who use it generally benefit from the paid features which give you heightened outreach permissions.

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Stefan Anevski

Hm, yes maybe you are right. I used it for one month(a trial version) and it got me a bigger profile visit. But is cold messaging people an effective option in your opinion?

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