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React Native will use TypeScript by default


TypeScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft. It is a typed superset of JavaScript and includes its own compiler. Being a typed language, TypeScript can catch errors and bugs at build time, long before your app goes live.

superset of JS means that it introduces new features and expands the capabilities of JavaScript

React Native next version will use TypeScript. New projects created by React Native CLI will use TypeScript by default.
So you don't need to

  • Add TypeScript as a dependency to your project
  • Configure the TypeScript compiler options

React Native + TypeScript component example

  • React.FC: It provides typechecking and autocomplete for static properties like displayName, propTypes, and defaultProps.
  • Props: An interface for a React Component's Props and State React.Component<Props, State> will provide type-checking and editor auto-completing when working with that component in JSX.
import React from 'react';
import {Button, Text, View} from 'react-native';

export type Props = {
  name: string;
  baseEnthusiasmLevel?: number;

const Hello: React.FC<Props> = ({
  baseEnthusiasmLevel = 0,
}) => {
  const [enthusiasmLevel, setEnthusiasmLevel] = React.useState(

  const onIncrement = () =>
    setEnthusiasmLevel(enthusiasmLevel + 1);
  const onDecrement = () =>
      enthusiasmLevel > 0 ? enthusiasmLevel - 1 : 0,

  const getExclamationMarks = (numChars: number) =>
    numChars > 0 ? Array(numChars + 1).join('!') : '';

  return (
        Hello {name}
          title="Increase enthusiasm"
          title="Decrease enthusiasm"

export default Hello;
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Using JavaScript instead of TypeScript

React Native defaults new applications to TypeScript, but JavaScript may still be used. Files with a .jsx extensions are treated as JavaScript instead of TypeScript, and will not be type-checked.

Helpful links to learn TypeScript

Wrapping up

TypeScript is #5 on the list of the most popular scripting, programming, and markup languages. Also, many tech companies use TypeScript in their tech stack. So learning TypeScript in 2023 will be helpful for a front-end developer overall.

Thank you for reading!
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