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7 Tips for job hunting from my personal experience

Be positive and confident

This is the first and the main step in starting a job hunt. You have to jump into this with a positive attitude.
It means that you should believe in yourself, and your skills and have a positive mindset that you'll eventually get the job you deserve.

Create your resume

There are multiple online tools to create your resume. I designed mine using canva. Make sure to add your all skills and experiences in the resume.
If you already have a resume, make time to update it regularly and especially before a job hunt.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Nowadays most companies ask for your LinkedIn profile in the job application form. LinkedIn profiles act like your portfolio in some cases.
So I recommend properly updating your LinkedIn with this information.

  • Profile headline
  • Profile picture
  • About
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Projects
  • Honors & Awards

Ask for recommendations

The recommendation is a feature available on LinkedIn. You can ask your present or ex-coworkers to give you commends regarding your skills and work. Many employers prefer someone who has multiple recommendations over a person who has none.

Apply intelligently

Only apply for jobs that match your requirements. Read the job description, responsibilities, and skills required for it. I look for certain things before applying for a job.

  • Job title
  • Job Type (Remote/On site)
  • Description/Skills
  • Company profile and benefits offered
  • Number of employees
  • Number of followers Some of you may find the number of followers and employees irrelevant. But if you are looking for big companies or other than startup companies then I think these 2 factors matter.

Be organized and patient

Once you get interview calls, start organizing your calendar. I would recommend max 3 scheduled interview calls a day. This way it doesn't drain your energy and keeps you energetic for all interviews.
After the interview, wait for the response call or email patiently. You can send a follow-up email after a week if you don't hear back from your employers.

Get insights

Lastly, before accepting the offer, you must get an insight about the employer/company from the other employees. Sometimes you get very eye-opening reviews that help you make your decision easy.
I get this by making a connection on LinkedIn with that company's employees which are acting in the same role as me. And don't get settled with only one review. At least ask 2 or 3 people and then make your decision.

Thank you for reading!
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