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If gesture based programming was the future I think we'd already see it's use on touchscreens. I don't think it'll ever beat a keyboard (virtual or otherwise) for the speed at which thoughts can be turned into code.
I do think VR could enhance the debugging experience though. Gestures to navigate the call stack, stepping in/out/over statements. A 'wrap around' view for multiple code windows, value tracking/plotting. Etc, etc.


Yeah, that's something that I've been considering as well--perhaps the only solution is to provide a keyboard in VR. However, I feel that simply accepting it as the best solution can keep us from finding something even better. Given the ease with which visual programming can help us both visualize and navigate code, I think that this is where the future lies (at least at the high level of programming), and a keyboard and mouse provide a very limited amount of interactivity.

Totally agree about VR enhancing the debugging experience. Tracing through call stacks with enough space to view the associated code could greatly help.

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