Sorting in Go from JavaScript

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#discussSpeakers, what are the biggest misconceptions you had about speaking before you started?

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Perfectionism as a content creator and what I do about it

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Build a web API client in Go, Part 3: Define our client

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Build a web API client in Go, Part 2: Deserializing the data

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Build your first Chrome extension with chrome.tabs

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#discussWhat's the best pictoral/realistic-example documentation you've seen for a code library?

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What is the io.Reader in Go?

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#discussWhat smaller (< 1000 attendees) tech conferences are your favorites?

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How I gave my first tech meetup talk 🎤

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#discussYou timetravel to when you were a kid, and past-you wants to learn to code. How would present-you teach them?

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#discussWhat are your favorite tricks, techniques, and apps for starting to learn an area of tech you’re completely new to?

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Four things in coding careers I wish I knew starting my CS major

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A closer look at Go's append function

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Using promises in IndexedDB

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#discussHow do you balance your side-coding time between learning new things and building with that you already know?

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#discussGophers, what parts of Go did you find/are you finding challenging to learn?

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#discussHow do you balance side project coding with your job during the workweek?

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#discussWhat kinds of coding outside your "main" area of expertise are you excited about lately?

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Build a basic web app with IndexedDB

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#discussHow do you balance coding on the stuff you know and trying out technologies & frameworks you're new to?

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JavaScript Regular Expressions in Action - Make a Relative Time Parser

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Testing your IndexedDB code with Jest

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Tales of a #SurfaceGopher: Understanding JavaScript Events

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webpack: From 0 to Automated Testing

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