What do you to wind down after a weekday?

Andy Zhao (he/him) on October 26, 2018

I'm pretty tired today -- probably because I've been getting enough sleep, except last night -- but I'm somehow still wired enough to want to do th... [Read Full]
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The Headspace app is a really great way to force yourself to disengage and assess your state of mind. I highly recommend it if you're dealing with an excess of nervous energy and don't know what to do with it.


There is a small land plot that I can use on an island 30mn by ferry from the harbor. I usually take the morning ferry, do my stuff, have a beer with my island friends, and come back with the evening ferry.


Boats are great. I love riding on the NYC ferry.


A surprisingly many stops! But most importantly, a stop close to my apartment to a stop somewhat close to the office. I don't ride it every day, but it's a fun option to have, especially in the warmer months.

Here's a link to the map.

Wow, I was not aware NYC had so many ferry lines. My ferry looks like this seen from the island:
There are plenty of lines in the Seto Inland See, but the interesting part is that it's mostly islanders who use them. Most Japanese people are taught that Japan is an archipelago but don't experience that very often...

Yeah, NYC has pushed for ferries in the last two or three years -- maybe longer, but the actual lines started appearing in the past two or three years. It's a fairly new development.

the interesting part is that it's mostly islanders who use them.

I suppose having an amazing train system makes the ferry less popular, huh? I'm not sure how popular the ferries are here in NYC. I feel (based on no data) like it's usable for people who live farther away, and more popular since the NYC train/subway system is becoming more and more unreliable.


I usually take a long walk. I work in a city and the train is right down the street from my office, but if I've had a tiring day I'll walk along the train line to a station that is further away. Sometimes I'll walk the full 2 hours all the way back to my apartment. It's a good way to get exercise and clear my head.


I find something calm to do, like watching Netflix with my wife or playing a chill video game (city management or turn-based games are my fav for this). When I'm feeling like I want to be social but I'm too tired, I'll invite friends over to just sit on my couch and mindlessly scroll through the internet while sitting next to each other, haha.


Haha that's brave! I think my friends would get annoyed with me if I invited them to do that. Like the idea though!


Give it a go! You might be surprised to find out that they'd love to do it! We might have very different friend groups, but my introvert friends love sitting and doing "productivity parties" together haha.

Yes! My partner has mending parties every so often, and I'm always wishing I joined in. Productivity parties are such a great way to hang out with people.


Long weekday for me as well! I usually wind down after a long week day by listening to relaxing music, doing yoga or going for a run or walk.


I spend an hour commute debriefing my day, prepping for tomorrow, asking myself questions, yelling about issues and when i walk in the door i drop all of that (usually). Then it's all about spending some time with the wife and kids and getting them ready for bed. Once that's done, I unwind by catching up on news and watching netflix, youtube or playing some video games. A drink or two is sometimes deserved/needed.

One of the best parts of my day is coming home to kids so excited to see you that their heads almost explode as they scream my name and run to give hugs.


That sounds awesome. Have you thought about working remotely?

Edit: asking as someone who is probably going to have kids


I play a video game, I pour myself a beer, I talk to the family, the children, sometimes if the day was full of meetings, to relax, I do simple development, like katas, or technology tests.

I would love to be motivated to do yoga, gardening or crafts, but time goes by so fast that I can't keep to it. Sometimes I cook, it helps to clear my head and concentrate in a positive way.


Browse HN, IH, and DEV for a while; play some Factorio or Minecraft; watch streamers on Twitch or my subscription feed in YouTube.


There is a restaurant near my place with a nice view of a park. A nice view, ice cold beer, and something by Douglas Adams. Great way to unwind.


Is it the restaurant at the end of the universe? ;-)


The park in front of it is so open that sometimes I can pretend it just might be :D


I usually make dinner after coming home, but it's not really a winding-down sort of activity for me. Playing and sitting with the doggy is great, or listening to the radio and eating some snacks before going full meal-making mode.

Also no lie sometimes I just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. It's literally relaxing.


When I'm not having to do family type stuff, I play music. I either create tracks using MIDI and sampling with computer or keyboard or just play the guitar. In fact, I try to sneak away for a little guitar time at lunch when I can...


That's awesome! Love that you can play in the backseat of your car.


Wow, I'm a fan! Do you have a youtube or sound cloud with your music?


Yes. If you click on the YouTube link in the video it will take you to my channel. I mostly have guitar gear demos, practice backing tracks, guitar forum jam sessions and such on it.


Leave my phone/computer far from me first, read a little, play with my cats, write something on my journal, dance cool youtube dance tutorials, go for a walk or just go cycling.


Reading sci-fi/fantasy is a good way to unwind for me.


Muay Thai, and then some beers, be with my family.


On my commute home I do a debrief of the day in my head. This helps me separate work and home. I've wound down by the time i get home and I'm more present with my family


Get an animal (cat, dog or horse) and spend time with it. There is nothing more relaxing than cute animals 🐴🤗.


Our have children and you won't even consider your workday tiring anymore :D

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