GitHub Private Repos are Now Free

andy profile image Andy Zhao (he/him) ・1 min read

GitHub announced unlimited free private repos today.

You can add up to three collaborators to each private repo. There's also some other news related to the other pricing levels they have.

Personally the main reason I made a GitLab account was for the private repos. Think I'll stick with GitHub just because of familiarity. What are your thoughts?


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And so many thought the Microsoft purchase was going to be a bad thing...


They did this only to counter bitbucket / local gitlab


Well they bought Skype. I don't use Skype any more because of their idea of improvement which was to slow down the app and make some irritating bugs (they did fix it but too late). They have enough time to prove you wrong and they usually introduce something "special" because it's their own way. Only 2 things I do not hate from them are office suite and VS Code. They have a mix of super useful ideas and irritating sh** inside of good tools. They're a bit complicated company.


They all are, haha. Nobody is perfect for sure!


I’d do the same. I gage GitLab a try exactly for the same reason but I’m so used to GitHub, that I find it hard to navigate around GitLab’s interface and concept. I’m so happy about this happening on GitHub 😋


I just went and downgraded my account 😂


This is oddly well-timed for me.

I've had a paid GitHub account for the last little while to host some code covered by an NDA, now I can save myself $7 a month 👍

I've also never given GitLab a fair chance. I'd love to hear folks' reasoning for choosing one over the other.


GitHub is like 1% of what GitLab does (just VCS and issues, whereas GitLab is ... well everything you could possibly want). M$ bought GitHub and made it possible to create ~private~ proprietary software, no suprise. Also, GitLab is FLOSS and is being adopted rapidly by FLOSS projects (LibreOffice, GNOME, KDE, GIMP, GNU, FreeDesktop, Purism, Netlify, ...).
There really is no point in using GitHub (I just mirror my projects for visibility ... and stars, of course), and with remote merge requests comming soon, it really will be much easier to just ... use GitLab and be done with it. Also, GitLab's UX is much better IMHO. Responsive, Vue-based and, again, FLOSS vs 100% proprietary and M$-sponsored. Simply speaking: GitLab is the future, GitHub the past. Think SourceForge.


Same, I made a GitLab account last month because I wanted to start a side project. I procrastinated that side project, but now I can choose to use GitHub instead!


That's interesting, do you mostly use it for private file storage? Does Keybase also have a VCS too?


I use it for both. And yes they provide a full encrypted and private VCS for free.


This is very big news. But it may be too late for me. I have moved my private repos to Gitlab and I have been loving it so far.


And that was the right choice. GitLab is FLOSS & superior in every aspect except discoverability, and you can simply mirror to GitHub and be done with it.


That's a nice move from MS. Now many side-projects will be moved to GitHub.

In my guess, the next move from GitLab will be improving usability of their integrated CI/CD tools which GitHub lacks currently.


Sounds like a good news, thank you!


I use bitbucket for private repos. Now I don't have to. Thanks Github.


Moved all my private repos from Bitbucket to GitHub. Bitbucket's private repo/collaborator policy is plain weird. 5 collaborators across all private repos? Nope.


Ohh that's really interesting. I like GitHub but I started to use gitlab because the private repos. I'll keep with gitlab since my projects are there from many years now.


Really didn't think Microsoft would do such a move, really glad they did.