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Discussion on: Reaching Out - Worries About my Journey as a Developer so Far

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Andrei Gatej

IMHO, you shouldn’t only rely on a mentor. In my world, a mentor is useful when you’ve really been stuck on a problem for more than you should or when you need(and you’ll need) to learn from his/her experience.

In my case, the mentor is the community. You might often see posts when people are sharing their experiences or giving advice regarding what to do in certain situations.

Even when you get stuck on something, you have plenty of choices. Just to name a few, you could write a quick post here in which you address the problem you are facing. Or you could reach out to someone on Twitter.

So if in your case the most significant thing that’s missing is a mentor, I’d say that you shouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure you can find support in these large communities of web developers. Why? Because you want to go from X to Y. And there are a lot of people who already reached Y. They can help you.

What I’m actually trying to say is that If you ever need help or advice, you can rely on other devs that are out there.

I hope it was helpful. Again, it is just my opinion.

Best of luck!

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Nicholas Fazzolari Author

Those are some good points. After I posted this rant and internalized it some more I'm realizing a lot of this initial work is on me. Now that I have more time and the end of my education is near this anxiety is probably many others have gone through.

Time to focus and get out there and make things with people!