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I don't want a higher salary...

andsmile profile image Andrii ・1 min read

What would you choose and why:

  • 15-20 percent salary increase(or your own percent here)?
  • 4-day work week while retaining current salary?


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Definitely the 4-day work week (assuming the expectations around my outcomes are similarly diminished). I've worked in IT a long while and find it really hard to justify my salary relative to other industries with far higher levels of stress, consequence, responsibility, discomfort. I'm long past the point where I earn enough to live a very comfortable life.


yep, sounds reasonable.

As for me now I don't need extra non-working day, so I would chose 1st option.
I love what I do now, I still have a passion for working, and my salary still can grow ;)

But I can't say that in the future I wouldn't choose the second option as my goals and priorities may change.