From microservices to ...

andsmile profile image Andrii ・1 min read

Why are there almost no stories about

  • moving from microservices back to monolith?
  • merging microservices?
  • redesigning them?

Is it just not so popular, exciting to tell about as moving from monolith to microservices?

Do you always make correct division into microservices?


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Nobody dares touching those microservices. Because nobody knows, what they might break.


From my perspective it is mostly valid for monolith.
But microservices are kinda small, simple and isolated, it should be easier to change them.


There are advantages to microservices, but knowing the dependent services is none of them.

If you have a lot of them, keeping track of which services uses which one is a lot of work.

In a monolithic architecture, you have the dependencies in the code base.

I am not saying, that monolithic is better, just that you can see those dependencies better.


Well i don't see any standard guidelines for creating and handling microservices, it gets evolved based on experience of team. I do feel it like an overkill for small projects.


yes, for small projects whole application can be have size of 1 "microservice" in bigger projects.
Division for the sake of division is not the best approach.