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I haven't written a single line of Vue code personally, but at first glance it looks like Vue really gets out of one's way and allow to focus on business logic from the get-go. Lack of build step for prototyping is nice; however, that templating syntax brings some bad memories from Angular 1.x. I guess I should try it one day.

Also, that git diff in markdown looks cool.

Thanks for sharing!


I at first wasn't sure of the templating syntax, but after using it I love it.

Though Vue does allow you to go into the render function if you wanted to go that level (and there are times for advanced components it's needed), and there is a plug-in to use JSX with Vue. So your render function is pretty much just JSX then.


Vue templating is nothing like Angular, it's butter smooth and it's best one I've played with. Better than React JSX, easier to understand, cleaner.


Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of React JSX. It makes the markup tightly coupled to Javascript conventions, especially with all the maps that tend to get used.

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