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Microprofile Starter

Usually, when using Java for Microservices development, there is a trend to start with existing frameworks like Spring, Quarkus, etc. This is a very productive way, though without knowing the basics of Java Web sphere, it can be more like sticking to one way of development. JavaEE in older times was rather hard to learn and understand that sometimes caused Java Web development to be treated as not the best option. But today, JavaEE or now JakartaEE is a modern and very convenient way for web (in particular, microservices world) development.

MicroProfile ( is a set of implemeted specifications that optimizes Enterprise Java
for a Microservices Architecture. The Microprofile Starter helps to bootstrap the microservices development journey, by selecting the runtime they’re most comfortable with from the list of available implementations for the MicroProfile version selected:

  • Helidon
  • Payara
  • Quarkus
  • Open Liberty
  • etc.

The MP starter page ( helps to easily create the backbone of the web app:

Image description

You just select the necessary options (just like for Spring Starter) and have the archive ready to be loaded into the IDE!

So, in a few steps you have the standardized Java JaxRS web app that adds a lot of JakartaEE and Microprofile specs: Authentication, Metrics, JWT, Health and so on.

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