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My First Terraform Experience as Ansible Guy

A few days ago, I finished one of the Terraform course for beginners. Now I’m preparing for the Terraform Associate certification, because why not =) Terraform is one of the major DevOps technologies today and now I find time for it.

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I used to do almost everything using Ansible. Ansible is a super powerful tool, especially when you consider Jinja templates. But what was interesting for me while learning Terraform is that Terraform gives me more consistent outcomes, hello immutability =) Thanks to Golang, everything is very compact and fast, I can feel it.

So I decided to learn Terraform really solidly and use it as the main tool for provisioning and Ansible only for configuration management. Obviously, yeah =)

What I have learned

  • Terraform is extremely small and powerful
    • It has a simple workflow. Mainly init-plan-apply-destroy
    • Doesn't use complex abstractions
  • HCL is cool
    • Readable and simple. Now I love it =)
  • Terraform is consistent, even if you use multiple providers

During the course, I took notes on the things I want to keep in my Git repository. The repository will be updated. Maybe it will be useful to someone.

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