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Discussion on: Remote Work Interviews, Part I: Applying

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André Jonas Author

Thanks David, think I understand now!

Well, first of all it seems a shame to place an algorithm to do the initial screening process for a company. I understand the need to cut some time off, but they'll probably cut some pretty good candidates inadvertently. On a personal level I'd also argue against working for such a company that tries to cut corners in hiring - if they don't invest in their hiring process, what else don't they invest in?

Aside from that personal opinion, when I say "less keywords, more meaning" I don't mean don't use keywords at all, they're still there but surrounded by text that give meaning to what you've done with those technologies/practices/whatever. So instead of:

Software Engineer at CompanyX

  • React, MobX

You could try something like:

Software Engineer at CompanyZ

  • I was part of the team that completely re-architected the app sign-up process. We've used React and MobX in an intense 6 month project that resulted in a 200% speedup compared to the previous version and an extra 30% sign-ups in the app.

Although the first one probably makes it easier for the ATS to parse, the second one is far more powerful:

  • It also has "keywords" for the ATS and recruiters to match against the job requirements
  • It's far more relatable for both non-technical or technical recruiters
  • It can convey other skills like communication or management skills
  • You're showcasing what you've done and the value that your work brought to the company
  • And it gives you something to talk about during interviews.

Hope it helps 🙏