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So I am thinking of writing about a variety of topics in tech. Creating tutorials, tips, and tricks on things like web development, web design, and maybe about Linux and maybe other things that interest me. Would you say that is a good idea? I haven't done anything like before... Well, I have but that was when I was first starting out and it was too inconsistent.

If you have done this before or are currently doing so, what would be the best way to go about this and how do you stay consistent on your writing? I welcome all input and thanks for that output in advance.

きをつけて。 - Take care.

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Sorry, not a comment on the actually body of the post itself, but the closing; 気をつけて doesn't mean "take care" in the sense of "be well" but "be careful" (as in, "take care not to hurt yourself"); I don't think it makes sense to end posts with it.


Oh god, thanks, man. I am still learning and there are lots of meanings.


Also, what would be a good way to say take care other than きをつけて?


Teaching well is extremely hard and takes a very large amount of effort. I think you should evaluate what specific topics you can dedicate the most to if you really want to make something worth reading. You'll need to narrow down from something as broad as web development or Linux development.

On the other hand, you don't need to have the end goal of having useful blog posts. Practicing writing and communication is useful in it's own right to you because they are useful skills that we don't get as much practice as we should. But still, I think it comes down to picking something that you are able to spend a lot of effort on, because if you're not spending a lot of effort you're not getting as much practice as you can.

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