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Hacktoberfest Complete


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I made the four required PRs for Hacktoberfest. I really only worked on an issue for my internship interview but none the less I did it. I will likely make more before the end of the month but for right now Hacktoberfest complete. This was really a pasive thing I started but looking at all the projects on github makes me want to contribute more to open sourced projects. I think Hacktoberfest is something everyone should do as a way to step back and have fun.

You get to see all the cool things people are building and be a part of it even if it is a small contribution. You can take that small step far. Also, maybe they should have more than just four PRs because you can knock out really simple PRs really quick. I completed the first two in the first day.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is a having a blast with Hacktoberfest.

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