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Started working on a couple new Java projects and wanted to share one of them here. This one is for a project to count the characters for another project I am doing for school. So basically I have a school project that only allows for the output to have 60 characters per line. For each project with multiple print statements this is a pain. I decided hey I am on the 5th project and I am doing the same thing. I am tired of counting manually so why not create a program that counts for you.

So, I created this character counter that counts the characters in a string and prints each character and the character number. It then returns each character in the string with the number on the side and then finally the number of characters in the string. It also tells me if I went over my 60 character limit.

The program does what it is supposed to but I want to add more to it to make it truly special. I plan on adding color to the console version and then maybe give it a GUI.

If you see any problem with my code let me know because I do want to get better with Java and programming in general.

読むのありがとうございます。Thanks for reading.

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